why Rasta group?

Why RastaGroup
RastaGroup offers distinguished services from designing to starting an ideal life in its kitchens. Creating a costume kitchen fit for needs and ideals of individuals using unique products, and precise design, a kitchen to be enjoyed for many years.
The individual’s lifestyle, the manners and shape of living space, are among our criteria for creating a kitchen.
Using only 1st grade quality products, and of unique beauty, respect for customer in all stages of ordering and unparalleled customer services are among our main principles.
The architecture solutions to organize the available spaces, and precise design, molds the RastaGroup kitchens into the whole house.
Consistent quality, modern design, perfect performance, creativity and many design ideas enables us to create the ideal kitchen for everyone.
RastaGroup designs a kitchen in the household, as a dress tailored to fit perfectly.
RastaGroup History
With a decade of experience in creating kitchens and luxurious and diverse projects. The vast experience of this group is evident from the luxurious kitchen projects done by this group.